Friday, November 20, 2015

A Family in Recovery

November 1, 2015 is a day of celebration for not just one individual, but an entire family. Below is an amazing story and celebration of a family who has together made it on the other side of addiction. This is not an uncommon story of substance use and a family desperate. It is a story of successes and love that is not heard enough!

"Two years ago I refused to give up hope on my son. My instincts as a mom told me to do anything possible to find him before it was too late. Lake was in touch less and less. Thank God his father had a GPS locator on Lake's phone that gave us a general idea of where he might be. Other than the phone, we had taken the Tough Love approach and no longer gave money to him or allowed him in our home. He simply could not be trusted. Our lives could not go down with the addict. My heart broke for the son whose life was taken over by heroin. Through a friend on the police force I was able to find out there was a warrant for Lake for a traffic violation in Gwinnett county. For 3 days my friend cruised the area we thought he might be. Finally, she located him in a motel known for drugs and arrested him for the traffic violation. That traffic violation may have saved his life. Of course I got the call..."Mom, come bail me out." No, Lake, I guess you will detox in a jail cell in downtown Atlanta. As terrible as that thought was, the relief of knowing he was off the street at least for a day or two was much greater. But I knew this was a critical point in time. What should I do now? Where will he go if I don't pick him up when he is released? Back to the streets most likely with no money and no place to go. I chose to be there when he was released 6 days later, much to his surprise. This Mom had to give him another chance. I could not let him walk out of that jail with no one waiting for him, thinking no one cared. His father gave him one more chance to get help, but insisted he go only to No Longer Bound. Three days later Lake walked onto the campus of NLB for the second time. And the rest is written by Lake below........
(Ironically, as I was writing this post Lake thank me for that day 2 years ago. For caring enough to find him....NEVER give up hope on someone you love or someone you know struggling with addiction. You just might get a phone call like I did a few minutes ago. The tears right now? Tears of joy!)"
-Lake's mother, Solution Starter

"This is my wonderful, beautiful, handsome, intelligent, warm (I could go on and on) nephew, Lake.
People, heroin does not discriminate. It is not just an inner city drug. It doesn't care if you're black or white, educated or uneducated, rich or poor, none of that. It can and does affect all walks of life. Please, if you know someone battling an addiction, no matter what it is, encourage them to seek help. Don't give up on them.
For those who say there is no such thing as "addiction", you haven't watched a loved one go down that road. You haven't heard a parent/sibling cry and live in fear of getting "that call". Addiction IS real.
God has truly blessed this young man. He went through hell and back. But he is back and more wonderful than ever.
I see a bright future for you, Lake. You and Emily are and will be an inspiration to soooo many. LYMI!"
-Lake's aunt, Solution Starter

"I am SO proud of my cousin, Lake Barrett, and the way he is using his story to impact others. There are so many people struggling with addiction and he is proof of what God can do. He had a decade long addiction and had tried rehab 17 times before. Never give up on those you know fighting this battle. Love you and so thankful for your life, Lake!"
-Lake's cousin, Solution Starter

" 2 years ago today I got arrested and decided to try my 18th attempt in treatment. Heroin had taken over my life since 2003 and it destroyed everything in me and around me. Only this time wasn't just an attempt, I stuck it out and fought my ass off to get better.
But through that addiction is the same thing that actually brought me life and I am so grateful everyday for my family, friends, those who paved the way before and those who will continue to trudge the road to freedom after me and especially No Longer Bound. They say heroin addicts don't recover and definitely not when you're mixing it with everything else. Thank God I'm no longer defined by all the labels I carried in with me. If you are struggling reach out, we are here to help you I am here to help you. Have hope, freedom is SO possible!" -Lake Barrett, individual in recovery... and a SOLUTION STARTER!
Not only has Lake taken action to be the solution to his own recovery, he is also working towards finishing his degree and opening a sober living facility to give others a solution. Stop Heroin Now thanks Lake and his family for their contribution in their community and giving hope to so many that may have lost it. Thank you for being solution starters!

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